The Regional Technical Team (RTT) was formed to provide technical support to salmon recovery efforts in the Snake River Salmon Recovery Region. AS such, the RTT  is responsible for determining the technical merits of proposed projects and to review products produced by NOAA Fisheries with regards to salmon recovery. Their input on salmon recovery strategies will be balanced with the input of the public throughout the recovery planning process in the Snake River Region.

Representative Organizations and Membership

The RTT is made up of representatives from each of the participating agencies;

  1. Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation
    • Kris Fischer (Primary)
    • Mike Lambert (Alternate)
  2. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
    • Jeremy Trump (Primary)
    • Ethan Crawford, Joe Bumgarner, Dave Karl (Alternates)
  3. Natural Resource and Conservation Service
    • Sean Taylor (Primary)
  4. United States Forest Service
    • Bill Dowdy (Primary)
  5. Army Corps of Engineers
    • Chuck Chamberlain (Primary)
  6. Department of Ecology
    • Stephen Ranson (Primary)
  7. Nez Perce Tribe
    • Emmit Taylor (Primary)
    • Katie Frenyea (Alternate)
  8. National Marine Fisheries Service
    • Jim Mital (Primary)
    • Bob Reis (Alternate)
  9. United State Fish and Wildlife Service
    • Kat Sarensen (Primary)
    • Erin Britton-Kuttel (Alternate)
    • Diane Driscoll, Jennifer Gatzke (Alternates)
  10. US Fish and Wildlife Service
    • Erin Kuttel (Primary)

Each organization designates their own primary and alternate representatives. In addition to the listed state, Tribal and federal agencies, the RTT will benefit from the perspectives of representatives from the Conservation Districts, watershed planning organizations, Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group, SRSRB staff and others.

The RTT meets on the third Wednesday of every month. Meetings are usually in Dayton, WA at the Best Western Hotel starting at 9:30 a.m.

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