Snake River Salmon Recovery Board Lead Entity

The Snake River Lead Entity is represented by the Snake River Salmon Recovery Board and is the only “lead entity” in the Snake River Salmon Recovery Region.  The Lead Entity is supported by a regional technical team (RTT)  and a Lead Entity Committee made up of both technical members and citizen members.  The Lead Entity Committee produces a project list for consideration and final prioritization by the Snake River Salmon Recovery Board (Lead Entity).

Grant Round Documents

Application Materials for Project Sponsors

SRSRB Application

SRFB Project Proposals

Starting in 2020, SRFB will no longer use Salmon Project Proposals (also known as Appendix C).  The local application process still requires the SRSRB application listed in the section above.  This document will be used by SRSRB to initiate your project in the Salmon Recovery Portal (previously known as Habitat Work Schedule) to then start an application in PRISM.  Once notified of the PRISM project number, you will then work with SRSRB staff to complete the application questions directly in PRISM.

Additional SRFB Forms (from RCO Manual 18)

Project Checklists

Additional Grant Application Material and Information (RCO)

Permit Information and Forms

Managing your SRFB Grant Appendices and Forms

Appendix L: Land Ownership and Stewardship Forms

Lead Entity Committee Materials

Partial Draft Applications

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 Draft Proposals

Draft Applications Summary Packet

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June 23rd Final Scoring Meeting Agenda

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