Salmon recovery grants are awarded by the Washington State Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB) to protect and restore salmonid habitat. The Snake River Salmon Recovery Board, as the Lead Entity for the Snake River Region, coordinates the application process for our local project sponsors. Projects types include replacing barriers, riparian planting, in-stream habitat projects, levee setbacks and more.  Eligible project sponsors include local agencies, special purpose districts,  state agencies, tribes, non-profits, and regional fisheries enhancement groups.

The Lead Entity Committee is a group of representatives including residents from each of the SRSRB-represented counties, as well as technical representatives from local, state, federal, and tribal governments. The Lead Entity Committee is ranks annual restoration project lists and submits them through the Snake River Salmon Recovery Board for SRFB funding consideration.  Learn more about the Lead Entity Committee.

Applying for Funding

To apply for SRFB funding, eligible project sponsors must first submit a local pre-application for consideration. The pre-application process is designed to provide early feedback to applicants on how to develop their projects. Project applicants will present project concepts to the Regional Technical Team (typically in March of each year).  To continue past the pre-application phase, applicants will work closely with the Project Funding Coordinator to develop and submit a draft application.  This application will be followed by a draft scoring meeting, project site tours, revision cycles, and a final scoring meeting.

These steps are designed to ensure the best projects are ultimately implemented.  After the final ranking meeting, the Lead Entity Committee submits a ranked list for review by the Snake River Salmon Recovery Board for SRFB funding consideration. Funding decisions have previously been announced by the SRFB in December of each year but given grant round schedule revisions, we expect funding announcements September moving forward.

To learn more about the application process and to see our current grant round documents, forms, and applications, click here. You can also view previous grant round information.  If you have any questions or would like to discuss project ideas and eligibility, please contact us.