Final SRFB Lead Entity Process Complete (Nine Applications Forwarded for Funding).


In 2013, the Snake River Salmon Recovery Board (SRSRB) approved 9 habitat restoration project for funding under the Salmon Recovery Funding Board funds allocated to the Snake River Recovery Boards Region.  The total allocation this year is $1,580,048 and will be available to local habitat restoration sponsors pending SRFB approval in December 2013.  To view the SRSRB 2013 Lead Entity List 2013 Lead Entity List  

Final SRFB Lead Entity Process Complete (Nine Applications Forwarded for Funding).2019-02-27T12:16:56-08:00

Tucannon River Steelhead Management (2/25/2013)


        Tucannon Steelhead Management                       2/25/13 Goals                              1.    Conserve/ Restore the natural origin (wild) population – overriding priority (as per WDFW Commission & agency policies, Governor’s Salmon Recovery Strategy (1999), local Endangered Species Act (ESA) recovery plan (SRSRP) & ESA permits, L. Snake R. Comp. Plan (LSRCP),   & fishery co-managers goals)  2.    Maintain steelhead fisheries Meet mitigation goals/maintain social/cultural/economic benefits  (WDFW Policy, LSRCP agreement, fishery co-manager goals, SRSRP) 3.    Tucannon Steelhead Population Goals ·     Minimum average annual overall goals are:  1,000 wild steelhead for ESA recovery (SRSRP & National Marine Fisheries Service= NMFS)  875 hatchery steelhead for mitigation/harvest (LSRCP & ESA [...]

Tucannon River Steelhead Management (2/25/2013)2019-02-27T12:16:56-08:00
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