Article V – Membership

The following persons are voting members of the Committee.  Each year the Co-leads are responsible for updating their citizen member list.

Jerry Hendrickson, Asotin County
Steve Purcell, Asotin County
Don Howard, Columbia County
Larry Fairchild, Columbia County
Billy Bowles, Garfield County
Jack Peasley, Garfield County
David Crabtree, Walla Walla County
Larry Hooker, Walla Walla County
Jon Jones, Whitman County
Bryan Jones, Whitman County
Tom Schirm, WDFW
Bill Dowdy, USFS
Chad Atkins, WDOE
Ed Teel/Sean Taylor, NRCS
Heidi McRoberts, Nez Perce Tribe
Kris Fischer, CTUIR
Chris Pinney, USACE
Erin Kuttle, USFWS
Diane Driscoll/Bob Reis, NOAA

Article VI – The Regional Lead Entity Committee and County Co-Leads include

Megan Stewart (non-voting) – Asotin County CD Co-Lead
Terry Bruegman (non-voting) – Columbia County CD Co-Lead
Duane Bartels (non-voting) – Pomeroy CD Co-Lead
Joanna Cowles (non-voting) – Walla Walla County CD Co-Lead
Randy Stevens (non-voting) – Palouse CD Co-Lead
Brian Burns (non-voting) – Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group
Chris Highland (non-voting) – WRIA 32 Walla Walla Watershed Partnership
Brad Johnson (non-voting) – WRIA 35 Planning Unit
Alice Rubin (non-voting) – SRSRB/LE Staff
Kris Buelow (non-voting) – SRSRB/LE Staff
John Foltz (non-voting) – SRSRB/LE Staff
Ali Fitzgerald (non-voting) – SRSRB/LE Staff