Asotin Creek IMW Watershed Vicinity Map

Asotin IMW Vicinity Map

Asotin Creek IMW Project Site Map

IMW Work Sites

The Asotin IMW project site map illustrates the upper Asotin Creek watershed including Charley Creek, North Fork Asotin and South Fork Asotin.  The upper watershed has been selected for habitat treatment and fish and habitat monitoring.  Lower Asotin and George Creek are not part of the IMW although the WDFW adult and juvenile fish detection stations are used to track fish in and fish out on a basin scale.  Each tributary has been stratified into three sections indicated by the dashed ovals.  In each tributary one of the section (shaded green) has been identified as treatment reach which will undergo habitat restoration.  The remain two sections are controls where no active restorations will be conducted during the study.  Within all sections fish monitoring(indicated by red rectangles) and habitat monitoring is being (blue and yellow dots) is being conducted annually.