Reports, Technical Documents, and Designs

Asotin Creek Documents

  1. Assess Salmonids in the Asotin Creek Watershed: 2007 Annual Report
  2. Genetic Characterization of Adult Chinook Trapped in Lower Asotin Creek: Apr 2010
  3. Genetic Characterization of Bull Trout from the Asotin and North Fork Wenaha River Basins: Dec 2008
  4. Asotin Model Watershed Plan – 1995: April 1995
  5. Asotin Cr Salmonid Assessment: Annual Report 2013 March 2014

Asotin Intensively Monitoring Watershed Documents

  1. SW IMW Project: Selection Process and Proposed Experimental Design for Asotin Creek (January  2009, Phase I)
  2. Yr 2 Asotin IMW Pretreatment Monitoring Report  (February 2010, Phase II)
  3. Asotin Cr IMW: Restoration Plan for Charley Cr, North and South Fork Asotin Cr (April 2012)
  4. Yr 4 Asotin IMW Pretreatment Report (November 2012)
  5. AsotinIMW_Restoration Plan_2012: April 2012
  6. AsotinIMW_Updated and Revised Study Plan_2015:  July 2015

Tucannon River Documents

  1. Tucannon River Geomorphic Assessment & Habitat Restoration Study (April 2011) Report
  2. Conceptual Restoration Plan, Reach 6 to 10 Tucannon R Phase II_(Novemeber 2011)
  3. Conceptual Restoration Plan, Reach 5_ October 2012
  4. Conceptual Restoration Plan, Reaches 3 and 4_October 2012
  5. Design Restoration Feature Prioritization, Tucannon River Reach 2 (November 2011)
  6. 30% Design Report Tucannon River Geomorphic Assessment and Habitat Restoration Study, Reach 2 (May 2011)
  7. Integration Species Restoration Prioritization Tucannon River November 2012
  8. CHAMP – What is CHAMP
  9. Tucannon River Spring Chinook Salmon Hatchery Evaluation Program: 2011
  10. Genetic Relationships Among Tucannon, Touchet, and Walla Walla Rivers Summer Steelhead Receiving Mitigation Hatchery Fish from Lyons Ferry Hatchery: Feb 2007
  11. Genetic Analysis of Natural-Origin Spring Chinook and Comparison to Spring Chinook from an Integrated Supplementation Program and Captive Broodstock Program in the Tucannon River: Oct 2010
  12. Genetic Identification of Brook Trout or Brook/Bull Trout Hybrids in Pataha Creek, WA: Apr 2010
  13. Evaluate Bull Trout Movements in the Tucannon and Lower Snake Rivers: 2005
  14. LiDAR Remote Sensing Data Collection: Tucannon River, Tucannon Headwaters, and Cummins Creek, WA (July 2010)
  15. Tuc Expanded PIT Tagging BPA FY 2012 (Feb 2013)
  16. Tucannon SH Supplementation BPA 2011 (March 2013)
  17. Cobble Embeddedness & % Fines Project 2005
  18. Cobble Embeddedness & % Fines Project, Tucannon R. & Tributaries 2008
  19. Tucannon River Temp Study 2006
  20. Tucannon River Temp Study 2008

Tucannon Programmatic Habitat (2010-077-00) Reports



Tucannon River Data (spreadsheets)

Tucannon River Designs/Design Reports and Completion Reports

Project Area 10 (Beaver Watson Lake to Post Card) Project implemented in 2012

Project Area 14 (Hatchery Bridge to Headquarters)

Project Area 15 (30% Design)

Project Area 15_100% Design

Project Area 24 (30% Design)

Project area 24 (100% Design)

Project Area 24 (As-Built Condition Documents)

Project Area 18 (60% Design)


Tucannon River Fish Data Annual Reports

  1. Evaluation of the Tucannon River Summer Steelhead Endemic Stock Hatchery Supplementation Program (2011 Annual Report)
  2. Tucannon Expanded Pit Tagging (2012 Annual Report)

Touchet River Documents

  1. Touchet River Geomorphic Assessment (November 2011) Report Only
  2. Touchet River Mile 42.5 Assessments Project Report 2009
  3. Species Identification of Two Suspected Hybrid Salmonids in the North Fork Touchet River in S.E. Washington: Dec 2006
  4. Touchet River McCaw Reach Fish Restoration Project (Design) Phase B
  5. Final Basis of Design: Touchet River Baileysburg Restoration Design (August 14, 2014)

Mill Creek Documents

  1.  Mill Creek Fish Passage Assessment Final Report (Oct 2009)
  2. Mill Creek Conceptual Designs Final Report November 2010
  3. Lower Mill Creek Habitat and Passage Assessment and Strategic Action Plan (CTUIR, 2017)

Walla Walla River Documents

  2. WW Pilot Local Water Mgmt Program 2012
  3.  Genetic Characterization of Bull Trout from the Walla Walla River Basin: Apr 2007
  4. Assessment of Salmonids and Their Habitat Conditions in the Walla Walla River Basin within Washington: 2006 Annual Report


Wenaha River Basin

  1. Wenaha Butte Creek Bull Trout Final Report September 2013

Snake River Regional Documents

  1. Evaluations of Land Use Regulations and Conservation Easement Programs in the Snake River Region
  2. Baseline Assessment of Salmonids in Tributaries of the Snake and Grande Ronde Rivers in Southeast Washington: 2007 Annual Report
  3. Snake River Spring Chinook Salmon Fishery Report: 2007
  4. Lyons Ferry Complex Hatchery Evaluation:  Summer Steelhead Annual Report: Running Years 2006/2007
  5. Lyons Ferry Hatchery Evaluation Fall Chinook Salmon Annual Report: 2006
  6. LSRCP Annual Report (2007)
  7. 2015_5-Yr-Review_Listing_Factor_Snake updated 1-21-15
  8. 20145 5 Yr Stock Status NOAA Review Walla Walla

Other Reports of Interest